What should I do before my session?

How do I get my dog ready for his or her photo shoot?

I recommend a nice long walk before the session for any dog that is going to be photographed. A happy and calm dog is needed to get the photo’s you want.

Groom your dog before the photo session.

Keep some treats and their favorite toys ready in case they are needed. (See Prepping your Pooch.)

How will you handle my dog? Will I need to be involved in the photo shoot?

I will work with your dog; but may need your assistance. This could mean standing behind the photographer making noises or talking to your dog while holding his or her favorite toy.

If you want a running, agility or hunting shot you will handle your dog so that I can get the best possible image. Treats are used as a reward for being a good pup.

What if my dog is not trained to sit, stay or lay down?

This will limit the amount of good poses that can be captured. I will try several different solutions that might work with your dog. This may mean using your furniture or asking you to help relax and calm your dog so that you get the best possible images.

Can you do something unique for my pet's portrait?

Yes, I can work with you on any special idea you may have, or you can leave it up to me to come up with something a little different. I try to have some unique shots in every session and I do not have a set formula we use with every client. Anything from personality to coat color may lead us to that special idea that would be perfect for your pet!

Can you photograph more than one pet during a session?

Yes, the cost of adding an additional pet to your photography session is just a fraction of the initial session fee.

My dog likes to chase a ball, catch a Frisbee or retrieve toys from the water?

Shooting dog action shots is my specialty. A great photo is one when your dog is in mid-air, mouth open and body twisting, reaching for a toy with a great big doggy grin.

The location for these types of shots needs room for the dog to run safely off-leash.

Make sure the location you choose allows this. If you want a water session make sure that dogs are allowed in the water.

If you have any further questions please contact me at 302-219-4570 or mailto:Ken@kentidy.com

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